Early on in the planning phase and the process of figuring out the structure of the company, and all the logistics of establishing the business, and with a half-done website without much content to it, I reached out to my good friend and awesome engineer MaryAnn Zahorsky asking her if she could guide me in the direction of good aspiring singer-songwriters that she might recommend, and I got a reply of “cool, I’ll pass it around”. Going along with the business, building the website, creating social media accounts, and trying to build a community, I had forgotten about recruiting artists for some time, and on the back burner, it goes. 

Roziht Eve

A few weeks passed by, and one day I received a notification that an artist named Sarita Gutierrez has submitted her credentials through an online form that I have added to the website to allow aspiring musicians to sign up. I wanted to know as much about the artist’s music and ambitions and the submission form will give me data that I can use in the search for talented and active singer-songwriters. I learned that Sarita Gutierrez is an amazing young aspiring musician, a student at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and a member of the Women’s Audio Mission, a San Francisco and Oakland-based recording studio and nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women and gender-expansive people in the music/audio production. I listened to her music and I had to connect with her. Sarita accepted my invitation to join the first line of Singacoustic’s artists and I was pleased. Unfortunately, Sarita kindly bowed out of the event due to unforeseen circumstances and she recommended I contact her friend, Roziht Eve.

After my initial contact with Roziht and a brief phone chat, I came to realize that Roziht is a  musical composition genius and that realization became strong when I saw her perform. She asked for an amp and joined Crawdad Republic Duo Dave Haberman and Jonny Williams and that meeting was an amazing collaboration between aspiring artists that never met before, and isn’t that what feeds Singacoustic towards success? 

Roziht Eve is an amazing musician and composer with exceptional talent. Thank you for being a part of Singacoustic. Cheers!

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