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If you have been following my recent blogs expressing my frustration (at times) in finding that awesome singer-songwriter out there for the Singacoustic showcases, you would also realize how lucky I have been so far in my search for the ultimate singer-songwriter. In my last blog about Meredith Mchenry, I revealed that it’s becoming a bit easier since musicians that performed for Singacoustic started to recommend other musicians they know, making it much easier. The process of recruiting artists for the show could be a bit cruel at times. There are many singer-songwriters, but few can move your soul when you listen to them.

Through a post on Instagram, Steve Gallup, the founder of The Acoustic Guitar Project, approached me to reach out for some collaboration. We traded emails for a while, and at a certain time I got stuck finding the third artist for Singacoustic4, so I asked Steve to recommend an artist and the name Ira Marlowe came up. 

I had no knowledge of Ira Marlowe, which meant headphones on and Google search to seek Information, and I was led to his Facebook page and website and what a treat that was. I started listening to Ira’s music, and the more I listened, the more I wanted to listen. I sat in my home office till about 2:30 am listening to some amazing songs by a local singer-songwriter who is located about 30 miles from me, and to describe Ira Marlowe’s music as amazing will be doing it no justice.

Ira’s voice has the tendency to make your imagination go wild, and it feels as if you’re in a different zone when you hear it. I felt like I’m floating in the clouds hearing Ira sing what became my favorite song of his, “Brother Time”. A song so profound in lyrics that puts your mind in a different dimension, you can feel his tiredness when asking Brother Time to slow down. What an amazing song. 

Ira Marlowe sings Brother Time at the Singacoustic 4 showcase in Oakland, CA. Watch the entire song on our Youtube Channel.

What really grabbed my attention was the album “Songs For Smart Kids”, something I did not expect. Ira Marlowe made an album for kids, and the first song “There Once Was A Bagel” set my vivid imagination on a wonderful trip listening to his voice describing the bagel piping out of the toaster and to Aunt Rose with her nose in the eggs and OMG, what a wonderful trip I had. I had to reach out to that man. 

I sent Ira an email requesting to feature his songs in Singacoustic4,  and he responded that he would love to do it and that we should have a chat. I got out of my home office after receiving his email with a shout-out, Oooh Yeah.

Ira and I talked for a while on the phone, and it was so good to hear that soothing voice, a voice of wisdom and tranquility. A voice that puts your mind at ease while dreaming. I listened to Ira talk about his music, a brief history of his music career, and his venue. I had no idea that Ira Marlowe has a venue called “The Monkey House”, a brick-and-mortar venue that features singer-songwriters, and I advise you to go there and show your support for your awesome local singer-songwriters.

Ira Marlowe talks about The Monkey House

Ira started his set with “Ode To Underage Drinking”, a sweet song about Schlitz Beer, drinking at a young age with a friend in New Jersey and the song makes you drift away in your own imagination. Then came my favorite song “Brother Time” and it sent a chill down my spine. Ira Marlowe’s style of singing is extremely unique, and gentle but has the power to hit your inner soul. That smooth tone makes you so creative that you imagine yourself as part of the song. Brother Time hit me so hard that I started to have a flashback of my life, a voice so gentle but yet, so deep. 

Ode to underage drinking

Ira closed his set with another favorite, “If We Were In Love”, such a beautiful song with brilliantly written lyrics (We sat there talking, the car still running, neither of us noticing the time). On his website, the song is published with the talented Lyla Neely cleverly singing but when Ira sings the song, it is absolute magic.

Ira Marlowe is an outstanding singer-songwriter, and exceptionally talented musician, and artists like him once again confirm the fact that local talent does exist, and deserves to be heard. Local talent is why Singacoustic was created and for that my friends, I say mission accomplished.

Thank you, Ira Marlowe. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have you as part of the Singacoustic community. You are a rock star. Cheers!

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