Ana Sophia Dunham

Artist Relation/Host

Ana Dunham fell in love with music at a young age. She would sit in front of her grandmother’s HiFi after school every day and listen to many different radio stations. She took courses in piano,  drums, and steel drums, and later joined the San Francisco Girls Choir.  Music became a huge passion in her life early. Every night when she went to sleep she would hear a song playing over and over in her head and every morning it was a new song. For Ana, each moment had its own soundtrack. She spent every lunch hour in the record store listening to different artists and albums. It wasn’t long before she realized that she “heard all elements in a song individually at the same time” and would play a song many times over to listen to each element in the song in its entirety. 

As a teen she and her friends recorded many videos about crazy news stories or fake products.  She and her friends would squeeze into one chair and take turns playing wildly different songs. They want to see many live shows. This gave Ana a very wide range of appreciation for genres and skill sets musically. Starting early Ana always had a question in her mind before someone would finish speaking. Oftentimes as simple as “why? “In her mid-twenties, she realized even though she didn’t play a single instrument extensively she could still work in the music industry. 

She enrolled in sound arts at Expression College and later graduated top of her class. After College Ana worked in various recording studios around the bay area and subsequently began working in live sound and later lightning design in live events.  Being the host on Singacousic allows Ana to work with a myriad of artists and engineers and contribute to two industries she loves and feels raw talent is undervalued. “Each show gives me the opportunity to help an artist receive recognition and at the same time bring work to a studio. Win Win!”

Cause dogs make us happy
Singacoustic Host Ana Sophia Dunham
Mixing audio is pure passion
Passion with attitude
Confidence comes from loving what you do
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