Kristofer Hall

Production Manager

Kristofer James Hall was born in a small town in Texas and grew up in even a smaller town (pop. 482) until the age of 14. The first musical instrument that he tried at the age of 9 was the drums.

At 14, influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, he picked up a guitar for the first time and knew this was an instrument that he could play from his heart. 

Kristofer joined the United States Navy, traveling all over the world. Kristofer was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan., and earned several awards and medals throughout his military career; giving him a real sense of accomplishment. 

Kris’s greatest moments in life happened in 2008 when his son was born, and the birth of his daughter in 2015. He is a proud father.

He moved to Oakland California in 2010 and quickly got into college where he graduated with honors, and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences in Audio Recording & Engineering. With his passion for live sound reinforcement, Kristofer had the opportunity to work with bands such as Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Metallica, The Who, The Gorillaz, Gary Clark Jr., The Killers, Usher, The Migos, Ed Sheeran, and Smokey Robinson just to name a few. Kristofer was head of the audio department for the Curran theater in San Francisco for over a year doing Broadway musicals and shows. 

He joined Hot Mittens Production in 2022 and is focused on the production of Singacoustic Live stream.

Kris loves playing his guitar
Mixing audio is a blessing from the skies
A loving father