Singacoustic 2, Oakland, CA 12/02/2022

Emily Zisman
Emily Zisman

Lyrical philosopher and storyteller of the contemporary human experience, Emily uses unabashed honesty and humor to punctuate the complexity of the entire escapade.  Emily found her way to songwriting as an outlet for her struggles when she was studying to be an actress in New York City.  Over time, she realized that songwriting and sharing her personal stories connected her more closely to her community than her attempts to be an actress.  The more raw and candid her songs were, the more people seemed to be drawn in.  So, she packed up and moved back to California to pursue writing more studiously.  Hilarity and devastation continue to ensue, and so in turn does she.

Tom Rhodes

Like a good boxer, Tom Rhodes mastered this one-two technique through years of training. The Oakland, California-based songwriter has spent more than a decade honing his honest, heartfelt brand of Americana, and learning to craft songs whose truth matches his passion as a performer. In that time, he has performed all over the US and Europe, released five albums, 2 EPs, numerous singles, and even appeared on season 9 of The Voice. Rhodes’ songs continue to be featured in movies, TV shows on all of the major networks, commercials, and more as more and more people hear about his message and style.

Erik Yates

 Erik spent his Bay Area youth trying nearly every instrument and style he came across. Piano lessons, saxophone quartets, garage bands and folk songs had all weaseled their way into his life by the time he hit high school. College in Portland, OR, where he studied music and writing, brought new musical horizons, new conspirators (including classmate Nat Keefe), and a new project, Hot Buttered Rum, which would soon take over his lifeAfter enough time in the non-profit and teaching worlds to know that playing music was the world’s only sensible job, Erik hit the road with HBR to change the world “one bar at a time.” The group has become a platform for all his various trades, musical and otherwise.

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One Foot Over The Finish Line

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Nebraska, by Emily Zisman

Local San Francisco Bay Area singer-songwriters Tom Rhodes, Bryan Horne, and Erik Yates

Emily Zisman & Tom Rhodes

Emily Zisman knows how to tell a story.

Erik Yates, Bryan Horne, Emily Zisman and Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes, Low Tide

Bryan Horne with his 180 years old German upright Bass