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Celebrating success stories and highlighting accomplishments of local artists. Tom Rhodes playing his new single “We Can Go Home” for the first time at the Singacoustic 2 in Oakland, CA. A song that caught the attention and is featured on Netflix show “Manifest”. An amazing song that went viral. Outstanding!

Redefining What It Means To Listen To Music

SIngacoustic 4 local singer-songwriter Meredith McHenry with Michael Scott in an electrifying performance. Wow.

Singacoustic 2, Oakland, CA. Local San Francisco Bay Area Hot Buttered Rum Duo Erik Yates on Banjo, and Brian Horne with his 180 years old upright Bass, in an amazing collaboration with Tom Rhodes on Guitar and vocal along with the sweet vocals of Emily Zisman. A song by Tom Rhodes. Hear the full story behind the song here.

Witness The Magic Of Live Vocals And Acoustic Melodies Combined

Singacoustic 5 with Los Angeles local, Australian-born singer-songwriter Shelly Segal in a wonderful song about the wildlife of Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. Bravo 👏

Singacoustic 4 with San Francisco Bay Area legendary local singer-songwriter Ira Marlowe

Celebrate The Power Of Independent Artists And Their Unique Voices

Livermore, CA local Crawdad Republic front singer-songwriters Jonny Williams and Dave Haberman in collaboration with local San Francisco, CA singer-songwriter Roziht Eve

Emily Zisman, San Francisco Bay Area’s amazing singer-songwriter tells a great story behind her new song, The Haunt. Watch the full song here.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”- Ludwig van Beethoven

A Global Movement To Bring Music Lovers closer to Extrodinary Musicians

Singacoustic host Ana Sophia Dunham in an interview with Bay Area Singer-songwriter Chris James

An event for the empowerment of local singer-songwriters around the globe

Immersion into Creative Greatness

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” _ Bob Marley