This page is a tribute to the amazing artists that we had the privilege of featuring their music on the Singacoustic live stream showcase. The brilliantly talented, hard-working, creative artists that you need to know, the musicians that create songs that you need to listen to, and sing along. Those are the local talent that needs your support. Give them a shout-out, buy their songs, go to their shows and show them that you care.

Singacoustic 1, Fremont, CA 10.29.2022

Chris James

Local San Francisco Bay Area bluesy, rocky style with a rich Baritone voice. As the frontman for Chris James and the Showdowns, Chris is driven by great lyrics and Southern Rock, Americana, Country, and Blues singing style.

Crawdad Republic duo Dave Haberman (L) and Jonny Williams (R). An energetic Grass Roots band from Livermore, CA with a wicked style of songwriting and performance, a great singing voice, and an incredible list of great songs.

Rocky Michaels

Danville, CA brilliant multi-instrumentalist musician with inspiring songs that warms your heart. Rocky Michaels is a great composer and continues tapping into his life experiences that produce great lyrics and storytelling songs.

Lindy LaFontaine

Berkley, CA local musician and multi-instrumentalist with a voice that is the sound of her soul. With her love of the Piano and the acoustic guitar, Lindy LaFontaine is a great solo artist.

Becky White

Known for her radical poems and her love of the Violin. Becky White is an accomplished and educated musician as a student of the Berklee College Of Music, and The Ali Akbar Khan College.

Roziht Eve

San Francisco’s aspiring singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist with phenomenal talents and skilled Pianist and electric Cello musician. Roziht Eve is an amazing creative composer.

Singacoustic 2, Oakland, CA 12.02.2022

Tom Rhodes

The new hit song, “We Can Go Home” was played and featured on Singacoustic 2 in Oakland, CA for the first time has gone viral and picked up by Netflix for their “Manifest” TV show. Tom is an amazing singer-songwriter with wicked stories behind the songs.

Emily Zisman

Local San Francisco folk-Americana singer-songwriter, lyrical philosopher, storyteller, and one of the most wonderful and creative artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a gifted melodic singing voice and a list of some of some of the most amazing songs you’ll hear, and most definitely, one of our favorites for sure.

Erik Yates

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Piano, and a bit of a brass player, great songwriting skills, a founding member and a front man of one of San Francisco’s well known bands “Hot Buttered Rum”. Erik Yates’s grassroots style and energy is a great recipe for the soul.

Singacoustic 3, Oakland, CA 02/09/2023

Unfortunately, Singacoustic 3 was canceled due to the artist’s illness with Covid 19. We have decided to maintain the order of the shows as planned.

Singacoustic 4, Oakland, CA 02/20/2023

Clementine Darling

Seattle, WA native, Santa Rosa, CA resident Americana Folk and Sonoma County’s sweetheart singer-songwriter with mastery in the art of Busking.

Ira Marlowe

Local Berkeley, CA legendary singer-songwriter. A brilliant composer, lyricist, and professor at the UC Berkeley School of Music. Owner of The Monkey House, a small residential venue in support of aspiring artists.

Meredith McHenry

With a strong, powerful, and commanding voice, Meredith will demand your attention with her singing style that reflects a blend of jazz, funk, blues, rock, folk, country & pop, and impressive songwriting. From Livermore, CA , Meredith is an incredible singer songwriter. https://www.meredithm

Singacoustic 5, Santa Monica, CA 05/05/2023

Barrett Wilson

Groovy local Los Angeles guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter, and music instructor teaching guitar lessons to private students, Barret Wilson’s music is driven by his gentle and soothing voice.

Andras Jones

Los Angeles local Hollywood actor, singer-songwriter, musician, and host of the Radio 8 Ball show. Andras has a unique style of lyrics in his new album with a release date in November of 2023

Shelley Segal

Australian-born, Los Angeles local wicked singer-songwriter Shelley Segal’s work is rooted in organic sounds and instrumentation. Away from the mainstream, Shelley’s collaboration with a Pacific Northwest scientist writing songs about the wildlife of Puget Sound.

Singacoustic 6, San Francisco CA 07/09/2023

Briget Boyle

San Francisco’s local singer-songwriter began writing songs right when she was 12 years old and attended the College of Santa Fe to study Music Performance and composition.

Eileen Torrez

New Mexico native, Oakland, CA resident studied classical guitar from the age of 11 until high school, and sang in her middle school mariachi band.

Rachel Garlin

Making music professionally for more than twenty years. She’s toured internationally, earned songwriting honors, and has released eight studio albums. “The Ballad of Madelyne and Therese,” her ninth and most ambitious yet.

Singacoustic 7, San Francisco, CA 07/23/2023

Aireene Espiritu

Oakland folk artist with a mix of stompin’, swayin’, and timeless Americana reminiscent of front porch storytelling, of ghosts and the living, times of laughter and tears.

Patrick Russ and Friends

 Inspired by his hometown of Livermore, California, a Celtic-tinged Americana, somewhere between Country and Folk. Accompanied by Leanne Phillips and Brian Skinner.