About Us

Who are we?

Hot Mittens Production LLC, a unique singer-songwriter network and event production company, was founded by longtime San Francisco Bay Area touring sound engineer, musician, and educator Hani (HG) Gadallah Hani (HG) Gadallah.

Our mission is to empower, educate and support developing singer-songwriters throughout their journey.

Hot Mittens Production will provide any available resources for singer songwriters to showcase their creative talents and skills. Our mission is supported by the production of a series of live events across the country, where aspiring artists perform to a live audience in their own community, establishing a platform where they can integrate, grow and learn from industry experts.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive network for evolving singer songwriters, to communicate with their peers and their supporters, all in one online community to allow an exceptional new level of collaboration.

It is imperative for an evolving singer songwriter to gain access to wider demographics for the purpose of expanding their fan base. With many artists and their fans in a engaging with one another in a supportive environment, artist exposure grows beyond it’s regional limit.

Hot Mittens Production